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Entertainer, Juggler, Stilt Walker, Stilt Cyclist, Clown,
Jester, Characters,
Fire and Glow Performer
and Purveyor of
the most Fantastic
Circus Workshop
in the World…



Welcome to the world of Steve Kaos and Circus Kaos, please feel free to browse and explore the many and varied forms of entertainment that I can offer for pretty much every kind of event in the world!

Mid December, crikey what a wirlwind of a year. Heaps of Kaos malarkey, double act Dapper Chaps and Comedy Jugglers, A fabulous season of festivals, large and small events of every kind, teaching circus skills to all ages and just back from a lovely job for Eid in Qatar, this time touring the big Malls of Doha with my lofty bike, this year indoors too..

Christmas is fast approaching and my Dapper festive gentleman juggler, regular size or super tall, head to foot in red or black stove pipe top hat and tails or a combination! Penny Farthing, lofty and Lunibike will be festooned in glorious twinkling LED lights, also my very groovy white suit which can be super tall or regular size, together with all white clubs or all white glow clubs, festive kaos galore!

I specialise as a juggler, diabolist and interactive stiltwalker in a wide variety of styles and characters all in a comedy interactive fashion using witty banter, fun and a healthy dose of old fashioned good manners and chivalry!

I absolutely love to teach circus skills, perform with various trick, weird, wonderful bicycles and unicycles, Act, work as a Compere and Presenter and I am always open to a new challenge!

I put a great deal of importance and pride in smart costume, be it one of my many bespoke groovy coloured suits or in a character or period costume. I can also create bespoke costumes as I have done for F1 Bahrain every year since 2006. This also applies for circus workshop work with costume to match the style of event and even complete theming such as Pirate, Victorian and Medieval circus skills workshops aka Circus Kaos the most fabulous circus workshops in the world..

Last site update November 2014