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Entertainer, Juggler,
Stilt Walker,
Stilt Cyclist, Clown,
Jester, Characters,
Fire and Glow Performer
and Purveyor of
the most Fantastic
Circus Workshop
in the World…



Circus Kaos - the most fabulous circus workshop in the world …

I can provide circus workshops for almost any age and occasion, they can be on a drop in basis to play, learn and have fun at all kinds of events such as garden parties, fetes, weddings, barmitzvas, public fun days and festivals or more formal and structured for schools, brownies, guides, scouts and the corporate world.

Circus and juggling workshops have an amazing and diverse range of benefits; it helps with numeracy and confidence especially in children, Hand-eye co-ordination and peripheral vision is substantially enhanced, Camaraderie and team work benefits and general fitness is improved- not to mention that it’s jolly good FUN!!

I have over 15 years experience of teaching AND performing circus skills, this makes my workshops a fabulous mixture of coaching and performance enabling me to skilfully demonstrate all the different circus workshop props used within each session.

Skills and props used are Juggling with scarves, beanbags, balls, rings and clubs, Diabolo, Devil sticks, Cigar boxes, Spinning plates, Yo Yo, Balance, Rolla bolla, Stilt walking, Hula hoops for children or adults, Unicycle, Tight wire walking and Mini micro clown bike.

I also work on a regular basis with several other performers and can assemble a large team if required for circus workshops with particularly large numbers of people or specific requirements.

All my equipment is of professional quality and in top condition, colour coordinated in orange and red and carried in coordinated boxes.

For outside events I can create an enclosed area with wooden stakes and orange/blue bunting. I also have an 8 foot 'Circus' sign and a pair of sign written notice boards to advertise Circus Kaos Workshop with space for times and other information and if desired a compact music system and appropriate background music.

I carry full liability insurance, enhanced CRB certification and DBS clearance. I am based in Bromyard, Herefordshire and I am on the Worcestershire Preferred Providers List for child safety & protection.