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Entertainer, Juggler,
Stilt Walker,
Stilt Cyclist, Clown,
Jester, Characters,
Fire and Glow Performer
and Purveyor of
the most Fantastic
Circus Workshop
in the World…


DOUBLE ACTS and more

Phillippe-Philloppe and The Dapper Chaps

As well as performing as a solo performer I am proud to perform with 2 other marvellous entertainers within double acts, triple act and with others as a quadridium and more of Circus Malarky!

The Main acts that we perform are:

Phillippe Philloppe - Comedy Jugglers, Festive Gents, Victorian Gents, Victorian Coppers, The 2 Silly Frenchmen, Ship Shape juggling Sailors, Stilt Cyclists. The Dapper Chaps - Stlit Cyclists, Penny Farthing Chaps, The Racing Chaps, The Dapper Chefs, The Chequered Chaps, Dapper Tweed, The Chipper Coppers, Rat Pack. We are Three -  The Tux jugglers three, Ello Ello Ello, The triple tall bikes, The 3 Counties Morris aka Twiddly Diddle Dee and we are aleays coming up with new stuff! 4 or More  - A veritable quadridium of coppers, Gents and Jugglers, Corporate and festival circus instructors and more..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

In 1998 Mark Russell and myself formed the double act Phillippe-Philloppe, combining our extensive skills and humour to create comedy juggling shows with dynamic club passing, duo stilt walkers and the first UK stilt bike duo with custom built 6 foot bicycles. We perform primarily with up to 10 balls, 7 clubs, 3 diabolos, fire and glow equipment plus numerous other props including super tall Unicycle, Free standing ladder and Rolla bolla. We have a large range of coordinated costumes including Victorian Policemen and Victorian juggling gentlemen.

A fine fellow by the name of Jem Maynard Watts had been a ‘3rd man’; on many occasions ‘literally’ or in place of Mark or myself and in late 2006 Jem and I formed the Double Act, The Dapper Chaps, A comedy character based act featuring Reginald ‘tic toc’ Monty Montgomery IV and Quentin ‘bang on’ Bladderhasit Caruthers III splendidly attired English Gentlemen and outrageous Old English racing drivers plus various other comedy characters! As with Phillippe-Philloppe we use stilt bicycles and Penny Farthing bicycles. The interchangeable nature and versatility of the 3 of us makes for 2 extremely dynamic, interactive and entertaining acts and an amazing stilt cycling Triple act! we have performed at F1 Bahrain from 2007 to 2012 with a different costume each time designed by myself.

Twiddly Diddly Dee was created in 2010 by the three of us for a big folk festival and has since performed at several very different events from shopping centres to festivals, 2, 3, 4 & even 5 stilt walking 'authentic' Morris Men with sticks, hankies, tankards, jaunty moves & jolly friendly thoroughly English banter! We have just performed for the 3rd time at the fablous Cheltenham Folk Festival February 2012!


We can also team up and bring in other professionals where the need arises for larger events, corporate circus workshops and team building sessions.